Dani Lauren is a classically trained singer/songwriter from Tenafly, New Jersey. She is a senior in high school. She has her roots in classic rock, drawing inspiration from bands like Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. She is also highly influenced by today's singer/songwriters and pop artists such as Christina Perri, Haley Williams, and Adele. Her music is an alternative hybrid of pop and rock.

"Welp, it's me Sam Yo! I hope to get noticed for my music and hopefully get somewhere with it! Help me out by spreading me around, Im seriously not the same.. Im different" - Sam Saez

The fox clan is growing more and more each day and with all the potential that this band has, one can only wonder with the right direction and enough time how much of a force Scarlet Foxy can be.

Farid Oyelaja, known as DJ Ridd Tha Kidd, was born on November 25, 1989 in Nigeria and was raised up with a bit of a British background. We moved to America around the age of 12 and arrived in Linden, NJ in 2004.

Their names are Drew Noorily and Pryor Kahn and they are by far the youngest and most well spoken teenagers that I have met. I had a chance to sample some of their work and they truly have dedicated their time to building a business from the ground up, something commendable for kids their age.

They have a unique sound and it is evident the amount of influence they take in from other rock bands. 3D Rock Band’s popularity and fan base continues to rapidly grow, as it grooms for national touring and media success.  Lauren "D"- Lead Vocals; Bryan "D"- Lead Guitar, Guitar Synth; Jerry "D"- Guitars, Keys, Vocals; Geoff Fraize- Harmonica; George Shater– Drums; Lew Walther- Bass Guitar.

Summit is an experimental group of young musicians from New Jersey that formed in the summer of 2011. The band consists of James Licata, Michael Santa Cruz, Mac Ruscick and most recently Owen McCloskey. Summit's sound originates from a blend of Alternative,  Progressive Rock and Pop Rock.

Zoneout is the thought and talent behind many of the musical pieces you hear on T.V shows or commercials currently airing in the U.S.A. Once he turned 16, he decided to switch lanes and started songwriting as well.

Originated in northern New Jersey, Something Cool, composed of brothers Chris Lombard and Jim Lombard and friend Keith Roberts, has been playing together since February 2010 in a 4"x8" wine cellar.

Gabriella Marino’s work has a dark, yet luminous, and imposing quality. The portraits and ink drawings delve into her own psyche to reveal the important roles the characters have played in her life.