Scarlet Foxy - "a band that injects new life"

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It all started four years ago with one single goal and that was to put together a band that could inject new life into a very lackluster scene. After years of trial and error in search of the perfect band name, Scarlet Foxy reigned supreme as the sexiest name to what will become the sexiest band.

All the musicians that make up Scarlet Foxy bring there own unique sound and personality to the group. The road to finding the right musicians for Scarlet Foxy did not come easy but the right musicians always find each other in some way or another. Scarlet foxy is new to the scene but is already kicking ass and making new friends.

Scarlet foxy has recently joined forces with the LoveIsMore campaign in hopes of spreading the idea that we are all one and no matter the race or the ethnicity we all feel pain the same.

The fox clan is growing more and more each day and with all the potential that this band has, one can only wonder with the right direction and enough time how much of a force Scarlet Foxy can be. Join us in creating a movement that is needed in today’s society and help be the change that the world needs to see. Remember at the end of the day … starts with you and me!

Photography by Alejandro Hidalgo

Meet the Band

Who are the members of Scarlet Foxy?
Gerswin Reynolds - Vocalist
Iden Cross - Guitarist, backing vocals
CB McAlister - Drummer, backing vocals

What's the hometown of Scarlet Foxy?
Bergen County, New Jersey

How can you book the band Scarlet Foxy?
Call or text 201-694-6076 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scarlet Foxy also promotes other bands...
One of the projects that Scarlet Foxy promotes is called "Artist to Artist", which is a way to connect with other bands, giving them the chance to talk about their bands. As CB said with his own words " we wanted to do something where bands can get the recognition they deserve. So in Artist to Artist, not only do they get to speak freely and their fans and whoever else watches it, gets to know a little bit more about them. And also for us to connect with other local bands."