Fresh Beats - Farid Oyelaja: "DJ Ridd Tha Kidd"

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by Margarita Alvarez [Journalist for]

Fresh Beats
Farid Oyelaja was born on November 25, 1989 in Nigeria and was raised up with a bit of a British background. We moved to America around the age of 12 and arrived in Linden, NJ in 2004.

 In his hometown of Kansas City, MO, Farid’s brother inspired him to become a musician, a rapper. One day while he was rehearsing a rap with a different melody, his brother recorded him and as he played it back, he said his voice was perfect for the microphone. From that day he started writing more raps and poetry which they would turn into song. He and his brother composed a CD together, which they sold for $3 per CD and made over $200 from their peers in Hickman Mills High School.

Afterward, they tried out for the Apollo show in Kansas City, but they never made it. After years of pursuing music, their mom decided enough was enough and attempted to stop them. This came with years of discouragement so Farid stopped recording and kept writing and producing music all through high school.

After graduating Linden High School in 2007, he lost the passion to write completely and found a new medium through mixing sounds. Farid started with his HP computer using Virtual DJ Home edition and he started mixing the music. During that time Keith Fonseca hired him at the Recreation Center at Montclair State University. He was the DJ/Assistant Director. Keith used to use his laptop like he did to DJ for about 100 people at the Rec Center events. He told Keith when he first got hired that he could do the same and he would love to help him out so Keith gave him all the equipment he needed and he became the new Rec Center DJ. From there Farid learned so much and people got to know him from the skills he developed over time. He became well known by spring semester 2009 as a disk jockey while pursuing a major in Molecular Biology and minor in Chemistry and a MD concentration.

He never had a mentor; Farid has always been self thought. He remembers the first time he saw a DJ turntable. He was in a club and he was the next DJ up and he was lost. Farid watched the prior DJ as he finished his set and he picked up a few pointers before he left, it was a success. In 2009, he became really involved in the club scene and with the following grew from DJing at the Rec center to being known from all the events he has done on campus. As a DJ, he invited people to join him at various venues to listen to him mix live.

Photography by Alejandro Hidalgo

October 2009, he ran one of the biggest teen clubs in NJ, Club Underground aka Centrum. Being the head promoter, he brought about 400 people the first night which easily doubled the next Thursday night to over 800 people. Running this event for about 3 week straight, we reach a capacity of over 1,400 people weekly but it all stop a few weeks later. His friends and him were able to pack out clubs for months and grew a following for his music. Then 2010 he started to build my own business out of it but without a title, rather the name DJ Ridd Tha Kidd, which was made by his little brother.

The club scene proliferated well as Base-Line Productions title was inspired by hanging in the cafeteria in September 2011 at MSU Sam's Place dining hall. He couldn’t have done it without working together with his promotional team which has grown tremendously. Luke Muller, Aaron Cicchino, Nick Brasile, Taquan Dom Depts, Lauren Derusso, Diana Gravino, and John Batista along with others; this group of friends, more or less, is what is now called Base-Line Productions.