3D Rock Band - "It’s a Family Affair"

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by Margarita Alvarez [Journalist for]


When we first think of a “rock band” our brain automatically links that word to a group of friends jamming out together or just fellow musicians that happen to come together by chance to play; never though, do we imagine that it could be a Father-Son-Daughter Singer / Songwriter team, “ASCAP”. The name, 3D ROCK BAND, was derived from the Singer / Songwriter team's same abbreviated last name (Jerry "D" - Bryan "D" - Lauren "D"). Currently, they are performing local tour dates, as 3D ROCK BAND "live", promoting their newly released CD.

They have a unique sound and it is evident the amount of influence they take in from other rock bands. 3D Rock Band’s popularity and fan base continues to rapidly grow, as it grooms for national touring and media success. They are produced by Jerry “D” (Copyright 2009 - 2011 BIG Tune Publishers, ASCAP.)

Their 3D Rock Band “Live” members include Lauren "D"- Lead Vocals; Bryan "D"- Lead Guitar, Guitar Synth; Jerry "D"- Guitars, Keys, Vocals; Geoff Fraize- Harmonica; George Shater– Drums; Lew Walther- Bass Guitar. Additional "Live" members include: Chris Lucas- Technical/Lighting, Angela Diaz- Public Relations/Photographer/Design Artist, Judie Fraize- Street Team Coordinator and Agent: HOT PARTY ENTERTAINMENT, LLC.

Photography by Alejandro Hidalgo

An interview with "3D Rock Band"

I've had the pleasure to interview some of the member of these great band from Bergenfield, NJ.
Here are some questions that they answered for the readers of Enjoy!

*Although we could not interview all of the 3D Rock Band members they did want to acknowledge and thank the other additional “Live” members as well as their family, friends, and fans.*

Does NJ play any role in your music?
Yes it does. We are all born and raised in NJ. You know, some of Rock N’ Roll’s greatest musicians came from New Jersey. And it’s also; I think it is where our influence is. You know, like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi they got their start in New Jersey. All the greatest bands don’t come from NY they come from New Jersey they just go to New York.

What has inspired (influenced) you to become a musician?
Jerry- I have been a musician since I was little. I started when I was younger than my kids. It all started with my uncle Al who passed back in 2008. He taught me how to play the guitar and from there I began to pick up on music.
Jerry has been a musician since he was very young, and he has been on the scene then, with many projects, such as SNEAKERS.

Lauren- And for me it started when I was very little. My mom worked full time and my dad, because of his business was working from home. He had all the time to take care of me and my brother. He would sing to me and I would sing back and that’s how I picked it up and I haven’t stopped since.

Bryan- I saw that my father and sister were really progressing with music and how close they were getting and I felt a little left out so I decided to pick up the guitar.

How have your families and friends supported you with your musical career?
Our families and friends are our biggest fans. They are always supporting us and encouraging us. They come all the way out for our shows whether they are, you know, down at the Jersey shore or they are local. We have incredible family and friends and we’d really like to thank them deeply for their support.

If you could choose to play any other instrument what would it be?
Jerry- Whoa, that’s a hard question for me at least because I play so many instruments.
Lauren- I would play the violin because it’s so beautiful.
Bryan- I would like to sing.

What musician do you admire the most?
We have very mixed influences, but we most greatly admire a lot of 80’s rock musicians. Because of the type of music that we play we would have to say Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, ACDC.

If you could play with a legendary musician from any era, who would it be? Why?
We’d play with Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, or Bon Jovi.

What are your all time favorite band or artist, and song?
There are too many ☺.

What has growing up in NJ lent to your band's sound?
Again it ties back to our influences. New Jersey and the music that comes from NJ contribute to our roots. We are deeply rooted at home and we aren’t the type of people that would ever forget where they come from. Even our song “That’s me” the first line of the song says “I’m just a crazy small town girl from Jersey”.

Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?
Touring the world!

What do you think is the hardest thing about being a musician at your age(s)?
I think the hardest thing, for Bryan and I, being musicians at our ages is juggling our school work and social life because we are both full time students. With my dad, he has more time because he is full time with his company and he can set his own schedule, but sometimes our schedules are very conflicting. So time management for sure.

How do you juggle social life with your band requirements?
Well, what it is, we make taking care of our friends and family a top priority, it is A priority though. Being a Father-Son-Daughter team we are very equal rooted in family. That is what we are all about. And if you are our friend you are considered family, you are part of the 3D family. Sometimes it gets difficult because we get busy but just because we get busy doesn’t mean that we forget about the people that we care about.

Describe one of your songs and tell our readers a bit more about it?
The song, BELIEVE, was inspired by Eric LeGrand - Rutgers University's Football Defensive Tackle, # 52 who was paralyzed from the neck down in a football game against the Army. The song was almost like divine intervention. It came to my dad in the middle of the night he woke and he couldn’t sleep. He wrote the song and didn’t change of the words and called us over to look at the song. People are physically moved when they listen to this song. We're confident that you will enjoy BELIEVE, for its extraordinary heartfelt lyrics, haunting melody, brilliant vocals and guitar parts that will deeply "touch" you, as it gives hope to a tragic story of an inspirational and courageous young man!

What has been the craziest venue/show that you have ever played at?
We just recently played at the Seaside Music Festival at the Sawmill at Seaside Heights. That was a huge gig for us. Also we played last year at the Eric LeGrand fundraiser and that was big for us as well.

With the songwriting, does one person write the songs or do you al collaborate to write the lyrics of you music?
We all put in equal effort, as a father-son-daughter singer/songwriting team.

Any finals words we would like to leave the readers?
We are a band with a message. We have something to say, we have an opinion, and a voice and it makes us unique. We are all about charity. We participate in many fundraisers, and we LOVE to help people. That is really the biggest reason we are in this. We not only play music because it makes us happy, but we thrive on the joy that it brings to others. Some charities we have participated with:
•    Adopt-A-Soldier platoon
•    Eric LeGrand Patriot Saint Foundation
•    NJ Special Olympics
•    NJ Knights of Columbus (Motorcycle Ministry)
 And just a big thank you for all of the opportunities we have been given, through God's grace and the grace of our incredible friends and family and of course our fans!!!